’90s Block Party

We have three weeks left to get our tickets to the ’90s Block Party, but why wait?

Now is a good time to make sure you have access to the March 31 event at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. 

R&B trio Guy will headline. Also performing are Jagged Edge, Ginuwine and Monica. 

Promoters of the ’90s Block Party describe the concert as “a nostalgic throwback with some of your favorite hip-hop, R&B and soul artists.”

Indeed, songs like “Let’s Chill” by Guy, the lovely “For You I Will” by Monica and the smooth “None Of Ur Friend’s Business” by Ginuwine take us down memory lane. These songs remind many of us of fun times at block parties, house parties, skating rinks and clubs where people actually danced. Direct fellowship was the norm, not isolation on cell phones and computers.

Guy’s return to Indianapolis comes at a significant time. This year marks the 30th anniversary of their self-titled debut album release. It made them stars overnight thanks to “I Like,” “Groove Me” and “Teddy’s Jam,” dedicated to founding member, mega producer and New Jack Swing creator Teddy Riley.

Riley has gone in and out of the group several times since its heyday. However, we’ll see the classic lineup of Riley alongside lead singer Aaron Hall and his brother Damien at Banker’s Life.

Jagged Edge, best known for helping R&B music make the transition from the ’90s to the 21st Century with “Let’s Get Married” and energetic jams such as “Where Da’ Party At” with Nelly, is still going strong with three original members. 

Monica and Ginuwine have been on life-changing journeys outside of music. Monica returns from a hiatus after dealing with personal struggles, and Ginuwine devoted a lot of his time to ministry. However, recent concert footage proves both are still in fine form vocally and have kept their stage presence strong.

For Generation Xers, it may seem like yesterday when the artists coming here for the 90’s Block Party were topping the charts. That era is gone, but we can celebrate it for a night with the people who made music we love. 

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