Interactive Dinner Theater - a show performed in 4 Acts, with courses of the meal served in between each Act.

We create a make-believe world for the night. Our stories are about a fictitious group, having a gathering, when murder interrupts their proceedings.

There are two very talented performers that play multiple major characters and help the audience move the story along. Volunteers out of the audience play minor characters in the story with actual speaking parts. All you must do is stand up when your character is questioned and read from your cue card. We do encourage you to get into the story and ham it up. It is not a Shakespeare production but a light comedy.

The production takes place in the banquet room of a restaurant named the Library Restaurant & Pub. Located on the west side of Indianapolis with east access off 465 & 70.

The current make-believe story takes place in in the small town of Who Cares, Indiana.  Strange, even.  A young boy disappeared right after playing the role-playing game Castles and Cyclopses!  Police are baffled!  Parents are worried!  And other teens are lethargic.  This rash of disappearances has everyone in town troubled.  And when we say ‘rash’ we don’t mean the kind that can be treated with Lotrimin.  Although that would be convenient, wouldn’t it?  Moving on.

If these disappearances weren’t strange enough, whenever concerned citizens of Who Cares begin to ask questions, they end up DEAD!  It seems to happen when they suspect the mysterious government funded laboratory nearby.  Now, that’s strange, isn’t it?  People dying when they voice their suspicions of a government funded lab?  Wonder what the connection might …………………………………………………………………………………………….

Sorry, this is The Mysterious Government Funded Lab.  We just wanted to tell you that there’s nothing going on over here.  That is all. As for the writer of the show, he left.  So. I wouldn’t look for him. We certainly don’t know where he is.  As for you, the audience, come on down to Mystery Café at the Library Restaurant & Pub!  Where you won’t see anything suspicious from us, The Mysterious Government Funded Lab.  But apparently there’s some murders happening that we know nothing about.  Strange 


  • Occurred Saturday, June 22nd, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm


Mystery Cafe/The Library Restaurant & Pub

2610 S Lynhurst Dr
Indianapolis, IN 46241

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