Eleven nonprofit organizations will receive grants from The Mind Trust to fund the creation of Community Learning Sites for families who need access to e-learning supervision and support during the school week.

The Mind Trust is investing $200,000 in School Community Partnership awards to help nonprofits cover expenses related to staffing, wireless infrastructure, meals, personal protective equipment and facility usage.

The Community Learning Sites will open no later than Aug. 24 and operate until at least Oct. 16. At least 500 students who are impacted by virtual learning will be able to register for this free assistance.

Community Learning Sites will follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines as well as mask and social distancing mandates put in place by Marion County and the state of Indiana.

In addition, The Mind Trust is seeking community members who are interested in becoming e-learning facilitators. Facilitators will be matched with a nonprofit organization, work with small groups of students and receive at least $15 per hour from their assigned organization.

Those who would like to donate to help fund this initiative to serve more children and families can donate at themindtrust.org/donate. A donation of $100 will support one student for one week.

Community Learning Sites are: 

  • Chaney Microlearning Center, far east 
  • Christamore House, near west 
  • Cornerstone Lutheran Church Indianapolis, in partnership with Shepherd Community Center, east side
  • Crossroads AME Church, midtown 
  • Edna Martin Christian Center, east side 
  • Freedom Academy Inc. (The Reset Center), far east side
  • Hawthorne Community Center, west side
  • Kids Inc., in partnership with Shepherd Community Center, south side 
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson School 58, in partnership with Shepherd Community Center, east side 
  • Tabernacle Presbyterian Church, midtown
  • Westside Missionary Baptist Church, northwest side 

For more information and to register, visit CommunityLearningSites.org

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