Author of Hoosier School Heist Doug Martin

Indiana native Doug Martin’s book titled Hoosier School Heist: Corporation and Theocrats stole Democracy from Public Education details the assault on Indiana public schools and gives the dirt on the billionaires, theocrats, and corporations who are really calling the shots from behind the scenes. Hoosier School Heist, Martin follows the scandals, the corruption, and the money. Shockingly Martin shows violations in Open Door Laws; for example, felons, Republicans, people who did time in prison (and many more who should have), and child abusers.

“Since I’m still extremely busy traveling Indiana speaking at universities, libraries, and meetings. I wanted to give everyone an update on my book. Hoosier School Heist is now being read in almost 100 cities and towns and close to 60 countries (out of the 92) in Indiana. It is also being studied in 14 states and the District of Columbia.”

Martin’s exposures of those out to privatize and dismantle public education have appeared or were referenced in newspapers, radio shows, and websites across the country.

His motivation for wanting to write things people would read lead to Martin moving from poet to novel form. He expresses how the book conjointly came together through origination of his first dissertation in college, which later turned, into his first scholarly book that was later published in New York City. Martin stated how it started off as a challenge to get people to read, but now the out pouring response is countless.

 Martin is currently working with adolescence that have behavioral problems in Vigo township getting them back into their schools. In the near future in he plans on writing another book more developed in tackling issues within youth and racism.

 “People who consider themselves experts have learned from my book,” said Martin.

“Author Doug Martin keeps the truth coming about education reform in Indiana being bought and sold behind Indiana citizens’ backs and through campaign fund accounts.” Parent Power Indianapolis

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