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Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) will hold town hall meetings to finalize the district’s strategic plan. The meetings will be held in each region of the district from Nov. 4 to Nov. 14  to give parents and community members a chance to attend, learn about and discuss the district’s six priorities: student-centered teaching and learning; high-performing team; racial equity mindset; school-centered central services; engaged families, teams and partners; and sustainable finances and operations.

Each town hall begins at 6:30 p.m. Translators and childcare are available.

If possible, please plan to attend a town hall in your district or as your schedule allows. Click here for the list of school commissioners and the schools in each district. Registration is encouraged but not required.

Town hall meetings

  • Nov. 4 — District 1

Arsenal Technical High School, 1500 E. Michigan St.

School board host:  Michael O’Connor

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  • Nov. 6 — District 2

Arlington Middle School, 4825 N. Arlington Ave.

School board host: Venita Moore

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  • Nov. 7 — District 3

Shortridge High School, 3401 N. Meridian St.

School board host: Evan Hawkins

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  • Nov. 8 — District 4

George Washington High School, 2215 W. Washington St.

School board host: Diane Arnold

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  • Nov. 13 — District 5

Northwest Middle School, 5525 W. 34th St.

School board host: Taria Slack

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  • Nov. 14 — At-Large

Lew Wallace School 107, 3307 Ashway Drive.

School board hosts: Susan Collins and Elizabeth Gore

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