Imagine if there was a way for you to speak with your health care provider without having to get in a car or arrange transportation to your doctor’s office, and you did not have to sit in a waiting room for your health care provider to address your concerns. 


The way we approach health needs and serve patients has been greatly enhanced by telemedicine, which is the use of technology that makes it possible for physicians to remotely communicate with and visualize patients wherever the patient may be by using a computer or smartphone. This convenient and effective health care technology is giving patients the peace of mind in knowing they may safely see a primary care provider or specialist for expert health care advice and treatment from the comfort of their home.   

For some, seeing your primary care provider in-person will be optimal. However many patients find e-Visits, scheduled via Eskenazi Health MyChart, can be more convenient and very effective in defining and resolving concerns someone may have. MyChart is a free service provided by Eskenazi Health that offers patients personalized and secure on-line access to portions of their medical records, and it enables patients to securely use the internet to manage and receive information about their health. 


Other effective uses of MyChart include: 

• Schedule or request medical appointments.

• Cancel or reschedule existing appointments.

• Schedule an e-Visit with an Eskenazi Health provider

• Review health summaries from outpatient appointments or inpatient stays.

• Request prescription renewals and refills.

• Access trusted health information resources.

• Communicate electronically and securely with your medical care team.


Telemedicine visits are used increasingly these days for routine follow-up visits. These remote appointments are not only tremendously efficient for providers and patients, they also increase the likelihood that follow-up meetings take place, reducing missed appointments and improving patient outcomes. MyChart should not be used for urgent situations. You should contact your provider’s office if the situation requires immediate attention or dial 911 for emergencies.

MyChart is easy to use and is a free service provided by Eskenazi Health. To sign up for an Eskenazi Health MyChart account, visit:

People who believe they may have been exposed to COVID-19 should contact their health care provider immediately. If you are ill with flu-like symptoms such as fever, cough or shortness of breath, please call your health center or clinic before coming to your appointment. At Eskenazi Health, please call 317.880.7666 before coming to your appointment. Health care professionals are available 24/7 to answer questions on symptoms and direct you to the most appropriate care. It is important to first call before arriving at Eskenazi Health.

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