Dr. Woody Myers Announcement

Woody Myers (Recorder file photo)

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Woody Myers released actions he would take to control the spread of COVID-19.

The 11-point plan includes closing all Indiana schools immediately, calling a special session of the Indiana General Assembly and developing contingency plans for people in confined settings such as nursing homes and jails.

Myers has been critical of Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb’s response to the new coronavirus.

“Indiana has not been acting as quickly as it should to control the spread of the coronavirus,” Myers said. “This plan ensures that patients are put ahead of politics to save lives.”

Myers’ 11-step plan (summarized)

1) Immediately appoint and convene a COVID-19 task force, with representation from health care, state and local government, leaders from both chambers of the General Assembly, labor, business, education, law enforcement and the public.

2) Close all Indiana schools immediately and provide schools and parents with resources for online learning.

3) Provide direct outreach and assistance to local government and essential Indiana businesses.

4) Call a special session of the Indiana General Assembly to make necessary changes to state law, including emergency paid leave.

5) Direct state agencies to make changes or additions to rules and policies related to COVID-19.

6) Give businesses that are still open more resources, including weekly webinars.

7) Convene leaders of hospitals, clinical laboratories, out-patient clinics and urgent care centers to find out what they need from the state and federal government.

8) Create a real-time database of all negative pressure hospital rooms in Indiana and make it available to physicians.

9) Develop contingency plans for those in confined settings such as nursing homes, jails and prisons.

10) Institute drive-thru clinical evaluation protocols and establish locations to test patients.

11) Issue an executive order to facilitate public control or private resources. For example, the state, through the National Guard and cooperation with local officials, would be able to temporarily seize hotels, motels and other private assets to permit or enforce isolation protocols and to treat patients with COVID- 19 when required. 

Myers will host a virtual town hall on Facebook at 7:30 p.m. March 17.

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