Backyard Party Ideas for Kids

(StatePoint) Throwing a backyard bash for kids? Here are a few festive ideas for a day of fun:

• Decathlon: You don’t need a ton of space to host an exciting backyard decathlon that kids will love to compete in, as each event can be as simple or involved as you like. A few competitive ideas include cornhole, pop quiz trivia, the long jump, hula hooping and a bean bag toss. After the competition is over, officiate an awards ceremony, offering small, fun prizes to the winner of each event. Be sure to have a mix of events that focuses on speed, precision and even brain power.

• Musical Fun: Singalongs are not just for campfires. With a portable, digital keyboard, such as the CT-X700, you can play kid-friendly hits outdoors for a surefire way to keep everyone entertained. With 100 built-in songs, 600 tones and 195 rhythms, and a class-compliant USB-MIDI port that connects to most devices with no drivers or installation needed, the musical possibilities are endless. You can also use the set-up to play freeze dance, musical chairs and other games.

• Carnival: DIY-ing a little carnival in your backyard can be easy. Ideas to consider include setting up a face painting station or temporary tattoo station, making a plastic ball pit in an inflatable pool and serving classic carnival treats, such as cotton candy, pretzels, fries and hot dogs. To help everyone remember the fun, make a board with face cutouts and a funny design for the perfect photo-ops!

• Movie Night: After a day in the sun, bring out some comfy seating for a movie night under the stars. Look for an easy-to-use set-up so there’s no down-time. For example, the Casio LampFree SLIM line of projectors are compact and easy to bring outdoors, and because they are mercury-free, they are safe around children. Complete the experience with popcorn, s’mores and other fan favorites.

Creating the perfect party for kids in your backyard requires a bit of ingenuity and a few supplies. But there are plenty of fun ways to celebrate -- both in daylight and under the stars.

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