Oseye Boyd

I’ve said I loathe hypocrisy before on this page, but a couple of recent news items have me thinking about the lies politicians tell. Both have to do with children.

Changes to the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), better known as food stamps, could mean about 500,000 students would lose automatic eligibility for free lunch under proposed changes from the Trump Administration. 

That means about 500,000 students could miss the one meal they were guaranteed to have every school day. That could mean some children won’t have much to eat at all. 

In an effort to punish the parents, children suffer, and this administration, as well as many politicians, specifically Republicans on the national level, seems to be OK with this.

While the issue of separating children from parents at the Mexican border isn’t new, the issue continues to be one I think about — especially when you read articles of youth dying while being in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody and the recent story of a 9-year-old girl held by ICE for 32 hours. Her 14-year-old brother was also held. They accused the boy of human trafficking and tried to have him a sign a document stating his sister was his cousin. The children are actually U.S. citizens who live in Tijuana and go to school in the U.S. 

How is it legal for ICE to hold a 9-year-old for 32 hours? Without ever speaking to a parent? We know this isn’t new, but it still boggles the mind on how this is considered even a little OK. 

This brings me to the Grand Old Party (GOP), the Republican Party, the party of traditional family values, the party of Christian values. How can people who claim to have such an intimate connection with God, the father, and his son, Jesus Christ, who claim such Christian piety act so devilish? I should say, again, I’m mainly speaking about the Republican Party on the national level. 

These actions are the antithesis to love. Christ commanded Christians to love God and one another. These are hate-filled actions, and it’s a shame that more people don’t call out the GOP for being hypocrites. Somehow they have Americans fooled into believing the nonsense they spout about values while branding the Democrats as godless heathens and hedonists who would rather watch America burn in the lake of fire than live a pure and righteous life.

Democrats are amoral because they support LGBTQ rights and abortions. Republicans are righteous because they don’t. The devil (pun intended) is in the details, though. While Republicans have worked hard to overturn Roe v. Wade, and are finally getting their way, they don’t really give a damn about the baby once it arrives. And, truth be told, they really don’t care too much about the baby while it’s in the mother’s womb or else infant mortality rates wouldn’t be so high. The only thing that really matters is keeping women from legally accessing abortions. Whether that baby is fed, clothed, loved, abused or educated is of little consequence. As a matter of fact, the Republicans seem hell bent on doing whatever they can to ensure babies born to poor parents are punished for having poor parents.

Whether a child is born into poverty or wealth has nothing to do with the child. Children don’t create circumstances. They are victims of circumstance. In an effort to punish parents for their behavior, GOP leaders are OK with punishing their children. What happened to George W. Bush’s compassionate conservatism? I guess it left Washington, D.C. when he did. 

How can you care so much about an infant at conception, but be so callous about that child’s life after birth? Somehow, though, everyday Republicans don’t see this hypocrisy — or they don’t care to see it. I need someone to make this make sense.

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