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Maggie A. Lewis

Here we are again … the start of another municipal election!

This is the time of year when I, as a member of the City-County Council, pause and evaluate the last three years of my service.

Did I really accomplish my goals, did I drop the ball on key initiatives, did I put the people of our great city first, heck, did I allow my ego, pettiness, jealousy or bitterness to keep me from making sound decisions? This is when I rip the Band-Aid off, do some deep soul searching and look myself in the mirror and ask, “Maggie, what have you really done?” I’m crazy proud of the work I championed. Raises for city-county employees, mass transit, dollars for recruitment. One would believe these accomplishments should be the motivation I need to keep pushing and serving.

With that said, there is a not-so-good side of public service that would make a not-so-strong person hide and seek shelter. And with social media being what it is (thank you, Facebook Live) you have watched the negative side of politics play out over and over and over again — (some of you will catch that on the way home). 

I will be honest with you. To this day, I don’t like the political gamesmanship of politics. I’m not interested in making “queens or kings.” I’m not interested in embarrassing others, I’m not interested in creating havoc for those on the other side of aisle and I’m not worried about sound bites. What I’m interested in is service. Serving our community and ensuring that Indianapolis is a place where all of our babies have access to a quality education, a place where the “have nots” are not treated less than human, a place where entrepreneurs want to set up shop and developers want to build and make our city their permanent home.

While others are contemplating jumping in the race or making another bid for public office, I recommend you think long and hard about why you’re running. If it’s about the service and a desire to make things better – GO FOR IT! Stop all of the could’ve, would’ve, should’ve, screaming at the TV on Monday nights and mean tweeting. Take that same energy and passion and go to the clerk’s office and file. You. Yes, you! It’s time for you to step out of your comfort zone and follow your desire and calling to serve. We can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines Monday morning quarterbacking — there is simply too much work to be done.

It’s never too late for you to get involved. If you’re passionate about service, detailed oriented, care about infrastructure, police, fire and libraries, we need you. Most of all, the city of needs you! Don’t let another election year go by without getting involved. Win or lose, I’ll see you at the finish line!

My name is Maggie A. Lewis and I approve this message!

Let’s Move!


Maggie A. Lewis is member of the Indianapolis-Marion County City-County Council.

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