Paul Bailey shop

Paul Bailey is close to reopening his refurbished goods shop, Margie’s, on Sherman Drive. (Photo/Tyler Fenwick)

Paul Bailey, a Vietnam veteran and retired prison guard, is close to reopening his refurbished goods store after a fire forced him out of the original location.

Bailey’s mother Margie opened the store 10 years ago on the east side at the corner of 30th Street and Forest Manor Avenue, and it was there until late January, when an electrical fire burned the shop — named Margie’s — and other businesses on the little strip.

It’s been more like a hobby to run the business for Bailey, 69, who sees the shop as a way to stay connected with people and help the community.

“I’ve always worked with people,” he said. “I’m a church man, too, a Christian.”

Margie died in 2012, but her store continues to serve the area.

Bailey recently took over in a new location, 3007 1/2 N. Sherman Drive, just a few blocks from the original location.

He buys items such as washers, dryers and microwaves from people moving out of their homes and then refurbishes them to sell again.

“We’re community-oriented,” Bailey said. “Not trying to make a profit, just to break even most of the time.”

Paul Bailey old shop

The original location was ruined in a fire in late January, which cost Bailey about $5,000. (Photo provided)

Bailey lost about $5,000 worth of assets in the fire, he said, and a Go Fund Me campaign was started in early March to recoup the losses and help Bailey get his shop open again.

Bailey’s son, Jacko, said he’s proud of his father for what he’s done over the years to help the community.

“He’s looked out after so many people in that community,” he said. “… He’s a good man. No one ever tried doing anything to him.”

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