Police Body Camera

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department announced it has signed a contract to begin giving officers body cameras.

The contract includes cameras for 1,100 officers who respond to 911 calls. Rollout is expected to begin in the coming weeks and be completed by the end of the year.

Body cameras will be triggered in certain situations, including when an officer:

• Is within 500 feet of a dispatched run.

• Draws a gun from its holster.

• Begins to run.

• Is lying flat for 10 seconds.

• Is violently shaking, such as during a fight.

• Activates lights and/or sirens in the car.

• Unlocks the shotgun rack.

The officers who will have body cameras in the initial rollout are beat officers, street supervisors and on special units. IMPD's East District will be the first to get body cameras, with the goal of equipping 10 officers per day.

The contract is for 5 1/5 years and worth $9.2 million, which includes the cameras, technology, installation, upgrades to the technology, maintenance and local support for tech issues.

Footage will be uploaded to a cloud-based system.

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