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UPDATE: R&B singers Joe and Marsha Ambrosius have been added to the Summer Celebration concert lineup after Indiana Black Expo and Jaheim, who was originally slated to the headliner, had a dispute on social media about him making an appearance.

After a falling out on Instagram over the weekend, Indiana Black Expo is in need of a headliner for its Summer Celebration concert at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in July.

R&B singer Jaheim took to Instagram on June 8 to claim any advertisement showing him in the concert lineup is “false advertising.”

“Please cease and desist from using me to sell your show,” he wrote in all caps. “I have no contract agreement with your company and I am not coming to this event July 20th. There will be no Jaheim performance. Please refrain from using my brand knowing I don’t have an agreement and you are also misleading my audience to later be disappointed! This is a warning!”

Indiana Black Expo responded with an Instagram post saying the organization does have a signed contract with Jaheim.

“There is a signed contract in place,” the statement read. “We would never announce or promote an artist without one.”

The statement went on to say the organization will have details for those who want a refund.

Tickets, ranging from $50 to $125, are still available for the July 20 concert at

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