Aaron Freeman

Screenshot of Indiana Sen. Aaron Freeman on "Full Frontal with Samantha Bee." (Photo from Comedy Central)

A three-year old video clip of Indiana Sen. Aaron Freeman is coming back to haunt him.

State Sen. Eddie Melton is calling on Freeman to drop out of the senate race after a 2016 clip of “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” featuring Freeman discussing the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement resurfaced.

In the clip, in which GOP representatives are asked their thoughts on the BLM movement, Freeman said:

“You know, this Black Lives Matter movement, I just don’t think it’s helpful to the country. I don’t know what their purpose is. … I was a prosecutor who brought cases before a grand jury for police action shootings. Your chances of being shot by police are nonexistent if you respect authority, if you don’t pull a gun on ‘em, if you don’t run from ‘em, if you cooperate with law enforcement. Put your hand on the steering wheel and play along with what they ask you to do.”

After a crew member asked Freeman if there is anything BLM could do to make him want to learn more about the movement, he said “no.”

Melton, a Democrat who serves in District 3, called for Freeman to step down in a Facebook post, which included a link to the video.

“All Hoosiers, black, white, Republican, Democratic, Independent, should be offended and saddened by State Senator Aaron Freeman’s remarks and his refusal to engage in a meaningful conversation on the issue of racial injustice in this nation,” Melton wrote in the post.

“Setting his callous dismissal of black lives aside for the moment, you have to ask — why is someone like this in the state legislature to begin with, if he is not willing to listen, learn, and work in a bi-partisan [sic] manner so that all Hoosiers can succeed? … I urge Senator Freeman to step down from his campaign and seek a meaningful understanding with those he purports to serve.”

Freeman, who is running for reelection in District 32 — which serves Beech Grove – did not respond to a request for comment.

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