Rev. Marion J. Miller

Marion Miller.

“Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep his promise.” Hebrews: 10:23

My family traveled one weekend from Indiana to Arkansas. At the start of the trip, everyone soon realized that we would experience some foggy weather. Have you driven in thick fog recently? Well, I have. And wow — is it hard to see. It requires the driver to slow down, focus hard and trust what you know. 

While riding along in the car, suddenly it came to me that we need to do the same thing when life gets foggy. We must slow down and trust the promises of God, especially when challenging predicaments arise that are hard to see clearly. 

How do we beat fog? 

In foggy weather there is no choice but to “hold fast to hope.” Then focus our attention on God. And whenever life seems confusing like the fog — and things become hard to see and understand, remain steadfast and trust the promises of God — through the power of hope.

The Hebrew scripture was written to prevent its readers from abandoning their hope in Jesus Christ. It’s to encourage us — not to forsake our confession of faith and hope in Jesus Christ. He is far greater than the angels. He is the perfect sacrifice for our sins. Though we may be persecuted, don’t turn away from Jesus Christ — simply “hold fast to hope.” 

We can endure a lot when we have hope! Without hope, we easily would have caved in to that foggy weather. So when we have pressures and trials in life, don’t cave in. For we know that someday — things will be better, if we hang on in there — through tough times. 

There is an illustration about hope that researchers performed in an experiment years ago. They wanted to see the effect and power of hope — undergoing hardship. Two sets of laboratory rats were placed in separate tubs of water. The researchers left one set in the water and found that within an hour they had all drowned. 

The other rats were periodically lifted out of the water and then returned. When that happened, the second set of rats swam for over 24 hours. Why? Not because they were given a rest, but because they suddenly had HOPE! Those little animals somehow hoped that if they could stay afloat a little longer, someone would reach down and rescue them.

If unthinking rodents have that kind of hope, how much greater effect should hope have on your life or my life? When you are at the end of your rope, your back is up against the wall, and you can’t think straight — God will periodically reach down, lift you up and rescue you, just like the researchers did for those rodents. So, through the efforts of faith — “hold fast to hope.”

Rev. Marion J. Miller is senior pastor of Wesley United Methodist Church, Jeffersonville. Contact her at 812-283-3747 or

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