Indy residents can get their coffee and doughnut fix at the Caffeine Crawl

​Beer lovers have pub crawls and wine lovers have wine tours. Coffee lovers have...Caffeine Crawl! 4 years of events across the country set the stage, and October 2015 brings the caffeinated charge back to the Crossroads of America for the city’s third Caffeine Crawl! Caffeine Crawl is a product of the innovative team at The LAB, a beverage marketing and creative firm based in Kansas City, MO and Fort Collins, CO. From the first Caffeine Crawl in 2011 to the current 14­city lineup this year, response has been phenomenal. Grab your travel mug ­ the buzz is already building!

The fun begins with a Friday evening route from 5­-8pm. Saturday routes will run from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., with multiple time and transportation options to fit your schedule. Participating shops include ​Bee Coffee Roasters,​H​ubbard & Cravens Coffee,​J​ulian Coffee Roasters​, M​ile Square Coffee, ​Best Chocolate In Town,​B​ites by Confectioneiress,​S​oHo Cafe & Gallery,​F​oundry Provisions,​G​eneral American Doughnut,​and new additions T​hirsty Scholar​, R​ocket 88 Doughnuts​, Q​uills Coffee​and T​inker Coffee​.

Each business will showcase its unique skills and style with a short, educational presentation and a delicious sample. Crawlers will receive a ‘swag bag’ with take home treats from participating shops and sponsors. Each route will be led by a Caffeine Crawl tour guide, and Crawlers will provide their own transportation between stops. With a wide variety of participants, from award­winning coffee roasters to chocolatiers and doughnut shops, Caffeine Crawl Indy 2015 may be the city’s best Crawl yet!

Tickets to Caffeine Crawl cost $25­$30 & are available at­tickets.​Driving and biking routes are available.

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