Devon Ginn

Ginn is a visual artist, writer and performer who travels around the country teaching performance poetry and creative writing. His 2017 Art and Soul performance will combine dance, theater, literary arts and media.

Enjoy a lively lineup of African-American musicians, storytellers, dancers and visual artists, and get to know the fresh faces of Indy’s art scene at Art & Soul 2017. 

At 12:15 p.m. on various dates throughout the month of February, 40–60 minute performances will take place at the Indianapolis Artsgarden, a venue that allows attendees to do some shopping or grab a bite to eat at the attached Circle Centre Mall before enjoying the show. The event is hosted by the Arts Council of Indianapolis in partnership with Asante Children’s Theatre, Indy Jazz Fest, Kenyetta Dance Company and Madame Walker Theatre.

Ernest Disney-Britton, director of grant services and education partnerships with the Arts Council of Indianapolis, says this year’s celebration was partially inspired by the legacy of President Barack Obama.

“As we looked ahead to 2017, we noticed lots of changes, such as Obama leaving office. There have been so many artists that he has welcomed into the White House, so we thought Art and Soul would be an excellent opportunity to showcase how the arts can lend a voice to people and the issues they face. We wanted to frame this event in the incredible spirit that Obama set a tone for, and to celebrate the incredible accomplishments of his time,” said Disney-Britton.

Sportscaster Michael Grady will serve as emcee for the kickoff celebration on Saturday, Jan. 28. The two-hour event will include a procession of African drumming by Griot Drum Ensemble and a jazz tribute to President Obama. 

Attendees will also have the opportunity to hear from featured artists Carrington Clinton (music), Devon Ginn (literary/theater), Taylar Green (dance) and Tiffany Marie Parker (visual).

After the kickoff celebration, performances at the Indianapolis Artsgarden will take place on various dates throughout the month of February. Performances include line dancing, soul and R&B vocals, and a Nina Simone poetry tribute. 

Disney-Britton thinks people who come out to the event will be blown away by the talent residing in our city.

“I don’t think the community knows the incredible talent right here in Indianapolis. At this event you can see them perform and meet them. I always go and get their autographs while I’m there. It’s a great time to connect with current and future stars,” said Disney-Britton.

For more information and a complete list of artists, visit


Art and Soul Kickoff Celebration

Saturday, Jan. 28

Indianapolis Artsgarden

Circle Centre Mall, 110 W. Washington St.

Indianapolis, IN 46204


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