Cracks In Her Foundation

The play “Cracks in Her Foundation” will be in Indianapolis for one night only. Produced by the faith-based theatrical company Mixon Enterprises, written by Shani J. Mixon and directed by Liam Ellis, the play promises to be a provocative drama about losing and finding faith.

The play follows Mia Johnson, a preacher’s daughter who grew up in the church. When members of the faith community Mia calls home hurt her, she turns her back on her family and God, seeking fulfillment elsewhere. Eventually Mia comes across an old childhood friend who introduces her to drug dealing. As her life continues to spiral out of control, Mia finds herself in physical and spiritual danger. She must either summon the forgiveness to return to her old home or remain lost in her new life. 

“At some point in our lives, we are always searching for someone higher than ourselves, no matter what you consider that higher power to be,” Jay Mixon Sr., co-owner of Mixon Enterprises and an actor, said. “We find it to be God. As we are dealing with finding our higher power, we find ourselves in an inward battle trying to make the right decision.”

“Cracks in Her Foundation” is also playing in Toledo, Ohio, and Detroit. This will be Mixon Enterprises’ first show in Indianapolis. Mixon said several actors from the production- and his wife, Shani, are from Indianapolis, so they are excited to put on a show for a hometown crowd. 

“I lived in Indianapolis for 20 years,” Mixon said. “I truly love Indianapolis. … I’m excited for the ties there. Indianapolis is a major city in the Midwest to get the show recognized.” 

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“Cracks In Her Foundation”

“Cracks in Her Foundation” will play for one night only. The show will run for two hours and have a 15-minute intermission. 

When: 6:30 p.m. Aug. 17

Where: Ivy Tech Community College, Lawrence Campus, 9301 E. 59th St.



Price: $25

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