Behind every successful student is an outstanding educator that works above and beyond the call of duty to lead, inspire, and teach our future leaders for academic achievement. The African American Excellence in Education Awards honors outstanding public-school professionals for their dedication and commitment to academic excellence for all students.

K-12 School Leadership attrition is a national problem, particularly in large urban school districts. Research confirms that schools serving high proportions of children living in poverty have the most difficulty attracting and retaining competent school leaders. Principals who are at the helm of high poverty schools have a higher turnover rate than the national average of three to four years and higher rates of teacher attrition.

The Fred S. Klipsch Educators Collegeat Marian University is excited to partner with the Indianapolis Chapter of the Indiana Black Expo, Educate Me Foundation and Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper, to ensure that we continue to develop African American educational servant leaders. To celebrate the Indianapolis Recorder's 125th anniversary, Marian University will offer scholarship opportunities for all recipients of the 2020 African American Excellence in Education Awards for our Masters of Arts in Educational Leadership (M.A) and the Building Level Administrator Licensure Only Program (BLA). 

"Black educators play a significant role in the lives of students, especially students of color," said Recorder President and CEO Robert Shegog. "These powerful leaders eliminate bias that can sometimes have negative effects on students' learning outcomes, and Black educators also serve as true role models for students by holding them accountable and demonstrating what's possible. The Recorder is proud of the dedication Marian University shows to educators of color, and we are honored to partner with the university on this important initiative."

The Masters of Arts in Educational Leadership (M.A) is an innovative program designed for licensed K-12 teachers who want to expand their career opportunities and become school principals, administrators, and program directors.

The Building Level Administrator (BLA) 12 -month licensure only program is for licensed teachers with a master's degree in any field who want to work as K-12 program directors, principals, assistant principals, or serve in other administrative functions.

Both hybrid programs are offered through our Academy for Teaching and Learning Leadership and meet Indiana Rules for Educator Preparation and Accountability (REPA) and other state and national standards. 

"Our long-term, strategic goals for the Fred S. Klipsch Educators College at Marian University are in line to help change the narrative for education in Indiana." Ken Britt, Ph.D., Dean of the Educators College, continues, "We are improving the quality of educators, growing the number of minority teachers and leaders for schools, and increasing the number and level of services provided to the public, charter, and private schools – we must support teachers and school leaders to ensure that every child succeeds no matter their background or circumstance."

All recipients of this year's awards can schedule a one-on-one meeting with our program coordinators to discuss the program and how they may utilize the scholarship this year. 

The Fred S. Klipsch Educators Collegeat Marian University is proud to partner with the Indianapolis Chapter of the Indiana Black Expo, Educate Me Foundation and Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper to affirm and provide our city, state, and the world with an infusion of high quality prepared Black K-12 educators. 

Thank you in advance for supporting African American Educators in our community. To attend this year's event, please register today.

Watch footage from the 2019 African American Excellence in Education Awards -


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