Joe Hogsett

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett announced at a press conference the city's partnership with the Greater Indianapolis NAACP and Marion County Public Health Department to test students for elevated lead levels. (Photo provided)

The Greater Indianapolis NAACP is partnering with the city of Indianapolis and the Marion County Public Health Department to launch a lead-testing initiative in Marion County schools.

The initiative will offer free lead testing to kindergarten and first grade students in Indianapolis Public Schools, Metropolitan School District of Pike Township and mayor-authorized charter schools.

If parents fill out a consent form, health department officials will take a blood sample from students using a skin prick. Any families whose students have elevated lead levels will receive assistance from the health department to identify the source of the lead and eliminate it.

Some schools were tested for lead in the spring after a report from the health department showed elevated lead and copper levels in some water fountains and sinks across county school districts.

The testing schedule for IPS and Pike Township schools will be announced later.

Testing schedule for charter schools

Oct. 2 — Tindley Summit Academy

Oct. 3 — Paramount Brookside

Oct. 7 — Global Prep Academy, Vision Academy

Oct. 9 — Paramount Community Heights

Oct. 10 — Ignite Achievement Academy

Oct. 21 — Indiana Math and Science Academy North

Oct. 23 — KIPP Unite

Oct. 24 — Indiana Math and Science Academy West

Oct. 28 — Urban Act Academy

Oct. 30 — Christel House South

Nov. 4 — Irvington Community Elementary, Kindezi Academy

Nov. 6 — Enlace Academy

Nov. 7 — Match Book, Sense Charter School

Nov. 11 — PilotED

Nov. 12 — Avondale Meadows Academy

Nov. 13 — Demar School, Indianapolis Lighthouse

Nov. 14 — Christel House West

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