The Mind Trust is looking for its next Education Entrepreneur Fellow, who will eventually launch and lead an independent parent advocacy nonprofit focused on charter schools in Indianapolis. The Mind Trust will accept applications until March, and it will announce its fellow in the spring.

The fellow will spend two years creating a strategy to give traditionally marginalized communities the resources they need to advocate for changes they want to see in education. The Mind Trust, a nonprofit that has helped steer Indianapolis toward innovation and charter schools, will provide the fellow with a salary, benefits, training and travel budget. Recent fellows supported the launch of Enroll Indy, a nonprofit that simplifies the school application process, and the Center for Innovative Education Solutions, a nonprofit that gives innovation and charter schools access to operational, financial and state reporting services.

The eventual nonprofit will be separate and not affiliated with The Mind Trust, but CEO Brandon Brown envisions the advocacy group putting pressure on local decision makers, including school board commissioners, to get the changes it wants.

“When you think about the systemic change that needs to take place, the changes need to be massive,” Brown said. “Families are at the forefront of the education system and need to put pressure on that system.”

There are some examples of similar parent advocacy groups around the country — including The Memphis Lift, founded in 2015, in Memphis, and Parents Amplifying Voices in Education (PAVE), founded in 2016, in Washington, D.C. — but it still remains rare.

“My hope is that parents will understand the power of their voices and use the organization as a way to communicate their concerns and work on solutions,” said Shannon Williams, senior vice president of community engagement at The Mind Trust and former president of the Recorder.

According to the organization’s job description, the fellow will “act as the main point of contact between families, schools, policymakers, and community organizations in Indianapolis neighborhoods most impacted by education inequity.” Qualifications include a bachelor’s degree, eight to 10 years professional experience and experience working with low-income communities and communities of color.


Contact staff writer Tyler Fenwick at 317-762-7853. Follow him on Twitter @Ty_Fenwick.

Apply to The Mind Trust

The Mind Trust is looking for a community member to create a strategy for and then launch a parent advocacy nonprofit.

Application materials at or email

Deadline: March 1

Perks: salary, benefits, travel budget and training

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