Indiana has a rich combat sports history renowned for amateur boxing and the Golden Gloves as well as the home state of several pro boxing greats such as Lamon Brewster, Angel Manfredy, Tony Zale, Rubén Galván, Marvin Johnson and Jack Dillon. The Indiana Golden Gloves, around since 1923, has produced 20 National Golden Gloves Champions in the past but that has slowed down in recent years.

Akin to the philosophy of the Golden Gloves of America, Indianapolis-based Chin Chek Promotions founder Dominic Brogan provides a solid platform for boxing’s best young prospects and established contenders to exhibit their athletic skills and sportsmanship in North America and worldwide.

Brogan has been involved in pro boxing as a trainer and manager for decades. To that end, he has stepped in the promoter’s ring to bring big-time boxing back to Indianapolis. “I am committed to growing the pro boxing scene,” he said.  Brogan is one of the few licensed promoters who scouts, trains and showcases local fighters with the intent to succeed on the national and international stage.

“My team is building champions and giving them an arena to fight on a regular basis,” Brogan said. “Chin Chek Promotions is the only consistent game in Indianapolis with top notch pro boxing matches in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our fighters, which include Indiana natives, will rise to the top.”

Under the banner of Chin Chek Promotions, several international fighters have fought in the ring at the Tyndall Armory. Chin Chek Promotions’ “Cold Knockout” brought in Australia’s Les “Lock N Load” Sherrington, and Russia’s Bobirzhan “The Merciless” Mominov fought in the “Kings of the Rumble I.”

“The boxing matches have been a huge success and a great step up for many of the fighters on our fight card,” he said. “The goal is to revive pro boxing in Indianapolis and position our home-grown fighters for world titles.” Chin Chek Promotions is the first Indianapolis promoter to bring pro fights to FITE.TV, the premiere digital network for combat sports providing hours of live, PPV and on-demand programming.  

Chin Chek Promotions features Indy’s finest Super Middleweight Malcolm “Unmerciful” Jones (14-1) who has stopped his last seven opponents and as an amateur won Indiana State Golden Gloves six times. Flyweight Saleto “Mr. Personal” Henderson, an Indy favorite, has a current record of five wins and no losses. As an amateur, he earned three straight Indiana Golden Gloves titles in the 114-pound division. 

“The Golden Gloves was a good experience,” Henderson said. “But now with the support of my promoter, Dominic Brogan, and trainer, Coach Ali, I have my sights on a championship title.”

May 2019 marked the first anniversary for Chin Chek Promotions and Brogan’s announcement of his youth boxing endeavor, “Chin Chek Academy.” “I am excited to do things for this community, for Indianapolis,” said Brogan who spearheaded a walk to benefit the fight against cancer and a backpack giveaway for underprivileged kids. “Not everyone can be a champion, but boxing is a great confidence booster and another way to get kids moving, exercising and learning sportsmanship.” 

American Gold Medalist Sugar Ray Seales, who won at the 1972 Summer Olympics, is a mainstay at the Chin Chek Promotions event.  “He’s a reminder of what is achievable,” Brogan said. “I want the youth to strive for the gold in anything they do, and my goal is to help them accomplish their mission.”

Following two major shows in first half of 2019, Chin Chek Promotions Brings “Kings of the Rumble II” to the Tyndall Armory at 7 p.m. Aug. 10.  The show is also available on FITE.TV (Live and On Demand). The fight card is headlined by the Main Event (10 rounds): Super Middleweights Malcolm “Unmerciful” Jones vs. Fidel Hernandez and the Co-Main Event (10 rounds): Flyweights Saleto “Mr. Personal” Henderson vs. Jemsi Kiibazange.

The press conference and weigh-in is free to the public and will be 4 p.m. Aug. 9 at Tyndall Armory.  The next fight events this year are scheduled for Oct. 26 and Dec. 7 at Tyndall Armory.

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For more about the Chin Chek Academy and other programs, contact Platinum Star PR at or Instagram @platinumstarpr. To get involved with Chin Chek Promotions, reach out to or call 213-276-7827.

Marie Y. Lemelle, MBA, is a public relations consultant, is the owner of Platinum Star PR and can be reached on Twitter @PlatinumStar or Instagram @PlatinumStarPR.

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