Danny Bridges

I’ve never asked much from those of you who peruse my offerings, and while l’m extremely grateful to those who subscribe to and read the Indianapolis Recorder, just this once indulge me as I offer my sincere gratitude this Thanksgiving season to those in the sporting world who deserve such for being so good to me in 2019. 

I’m indeed thankful for another exciting year of IndyCar racing. The competition, combined with the blend of veteran and young drivers, makes the most diversified series on Earth a joy to watch and write about. Special thanks go out to the Hulman George family for being great stewards of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for decades and giving us the best race ever each May. I also appreciate the talented men and woman who put the races on television in brilliant resolution with phenomenal audio. 

Hats off to the Indiana Pacers as well for keeping things interesting this past year. While I have been vocal about how the team is run and the composition of the roster, their media relations staff, led by David Benner, has tolerated me, and the vast resources they’ve bestowed upon this old scribe is certainly greatly appreciated.

Similar sentiment goes out to the Indianapolis Colts, and while I often scratch my balding head in regard to their owner, they too have granted me all the tools one could ever ask for. Pamela Humprey, who coordinates communications for the team, has been superb, and I appreciate her more than she will ever know. 

We can’t forget that one of the finest minor league ballparks in the country is right here in Indianapolis, and the Indians gave us another good year of baseball. Whether it’s an afternoon tilt or a contest under the lights, you cannot beat the ambiance of Victory Field. 

While both Indiana and Purdue did not claim any brass rings this year, there were some good moments, including IU on the verge of going 8-4 in football for the first time in ages. I offer thanks to both schools for allowing me to come in to your respective press boxes.

My involvement with organized labor in the sports industry continues to provide me with opportunities, and while never taking that for granted I must thank many people at CBS, Fox, ABC, ESPN and NBC. Without their accommodations, I’d be on the outside looking in.

In the true spirit of giving thanks, I must recognize those who make it all possible at the Indianapolis Recorder. Oseye Boyd is not just a great editor, she’s a fine writer, and l’ve tested her patience so much that she deserves a medal. Jeff Sellers is superb when it comes to graphic arts and layout, and Tyler Fenwick can write about any subject with equal prowess. You good people are simply the best.

Finally, to all of you who read the copy I submit, thanks for the emails and even the phone calls that tell me l’m crazy and incorrect about your favorite team or player. We’ve debated just about everything this past year and you’ve kept me on my toes. You keep reading and much to your chagrin, I’ll keep filing. It’s a distinct pleasure to be held in your hand or upon your computer, and I will never take that for granted. Have a great Thanksgiving and don’t forget that I’m right more than wrong when it comes to sports. I really look forward to seeing you again, be it on the sidelines, or in the cheap seats.

Danny Bridges, who realizes how much he has to be thankful for and intends to set new consumption records this year at Thanksgiving dinner to celebrate such, can be reached at 317-370-8447 0r at bridgeshd@aol.com.

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